Innovation That
Must Grow: EdTech in 2021
The last quarter of 2020 brought to the forefront multiple conversations on the influx of technology across sectors. One segment that witnessed a 360-degree turn in its evolution was the Education Industry.
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Resource and
Intent Gap
Let us start the discussion by identifying the resource gap challenge and the intent gap that is present not only between the private and the public players but among the private players themselves.
Public vs. Private
Players of Education
Technology has played a disproportionately large role in ensuring that learning is delivered at scale. This massive adaptation of technology-based delivery is already yielding large relevant
EdTech: The growing future
The education industry can be divided into two segments. One is defining it by business that leads to more regulated lifecycles for lifelong learning. The hot segments from a private equity point of view in
Blended education is here to stay and is slowly getting consolidated in all educational experiences. EdTech allows the educator to design and deliver tailor-made training courses for groups of various sizes
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