Falling Through the Cracks
How COVID-19 has affected Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives
2019 ended on a high note for Diversity & Inclusion (“D&I”) in the workplace which led businesses to acknowledge its importance as they entered 2020.
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Diversity & Inclusion during COVID-19
The COVID era is driven by the dual problems of: 1. Curtailed budgets and tightened liquidity resulting in insufficient program funding, hiring freezes, and mass layoffs that disproportionately impact people of color.
D&I through different 'Lenses'
The COVID-19 crisis challenges different employee populations in different ways. Some employees are dealing with inconveniences, while others are stressed about health issues, access to basic resources, and job insecurity.
Economic Growth and Recovery during COVID-19
While it remains to be seen what the COVID-19 recovery will look like, and it will undoubtedly vary across industries, companies who do not push forward with these critical D&I programs may not see the growth
D&I momentum will not be stopped in its tracks for companies that are genuinely committed and moving the needle forward. With evidence that companies who stayed the course on D&I during the Great Recession rebounded better, senior leadership should
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Meghan Cullen