What does it take to shape the people agenda of an organization in hypergrowth mode? What kind of CHRO is more likely to be successful in an environment that can often be in a state of ‘controlled chaos’?
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Hypergrowth companies
are challenging
Hypergrowth companies, often technology or e-commerce related, offer challenges that can differ starkly from established companies. As Sonam Jain, who
This is not your typical
corporate HR role
While HR leaders in corporate environments might feel working in a hypergrowth company would be exciting, they need to realize it requires a different type of mindset.
HR leadership in
hypergrowth requires
special attributes
So, what kind of HR leadership is required to be successful in hypergrowth? Firstly, let’s dispel the myth that only young people can fit in. “I don’t think it is about
Arnaud Despierre
Senior Partner