COVID’s Impact on Cybersecurity
"Trust but Verify."
These three words ring as true in today's cybersecurity world, as they did when Ronald Reagan first shared them with Mikhail Gorbachev, then-Soviet Communist Party General Secretary, some three decades ago as
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Cybersecurity’s Latest Pandora’s Box
Employees who had worked in an office prior to COVID-19 often used a desktop computer, logging on at a specific time, and working a particular shift. Much of corporate employee activity
What does today’s Cyber leader look like?
Today's cyber leaders are more battle-tested than they were even six months ago—and this field testing has birthed a new generation of cyber leaders. The new generation of cyber warriors
“…But Who is this Enemy?”
Call him what you may: enemy, adversary, hacker, cyber-Mafiosi—the simple fact is that business is good for nefarious actors today and is, only getting better. Today’s cybercriminal is amorphous
So, What’s the Plan, Stan?
The pandemic has hammered home to the technology community that we should trust (employees, partners, service providers, and even employers) though we must continuously verify—and stay
Martin Mendelsohn
Senior Partner