What does today’s Cyber leader look like?

Today’s cyber leaders are more battle-tested than they were even six months ago—and this field testing has birthed a new generation of cyber leaders. The new generation of cyber warriors is more flexible, adaptable, and less tethered to ‘standard operating’ procedures and more traditional approaches. He/she expects constant change and transition, and pro-actively seeks out adversaries often lurking in open sight and in the web underworld.

Today’s cyber warrior looks a lot like Kobi Lechner, who until recently ran Wix.com’s IT security infrastructure. A global, multi-lingual executive with startup experience complemented by service in more formal corporate settings, Kobi keeps his hand in the game—and finger on the trigger—by serving as Non-Executive Director and Board Advisor to several early-stage, dark web, and anti-hacking technology operations. He deploys commercial skills and battlefield knowledge to an ever-shifting cyber landscape, coordinating with a loose network of similarly minded individuals in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, and Sao Paolo.

The cyber battles of today offer no time to convene a National Security Council meeting or run Bomb Damage Assessment calculations. If you don’t act and react quickly, your client, IT system, data, and reputation can be radically and irreparably compromised. And this is exactly how Kobi operates—much like the warfighter who leverages fifth-generation jets and drones integrating land, sea, and air forces in real-time for analysis, attack, and counterattack. Kobi mentors up-and-coming cyber leaders to always expect the unexpected.

This is what the life of the cyber leader of tomorrow looks like—anticipating, probing, looking for the adversary’s soft underbelly, and when necessary, taking the new cybercriminal out.