Decoding the
Talent Matrix with
Dr. Antoine Yver
by Victor Kleinman
Senior Partner &
Global Life Sciences Practice Leader
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Included in the incalculable ways that COVID-19 changed the world is its transformational impact on the life sciences industry. Global organizations that were traditionally competitors collaborated to research, develop, manufacture, and distribute COVID-19 vaccines in unprecedented rapid timeframes.
The Future of the Industry
Deconstructing the Concept of Hierarchy

Dr. Yver has strived to be the catalyst that ensured the institutionalization of what he calls “a deconstructed hierarchy.” Our conversation highlighted the

The Future of the Industry
Understanding Cross-Functional Phenotypes

Pushing authority and accountability on teams is very different from affording them the opportunity to feel accountable and make decisions—with the

The Future of the Industry
The Future of the Industry

Centessa Pharmaceuticals is well known for its deconstructed approach to defining organizational structure.