Who cares about performance
Performance evaluations and Performance Management Systems have been under scrutiny since the last quarter of 2019. Over time, there have been talks of investment in technology, delinking compensation from the appraisal
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How Relevant Are Performance
Traditionally speaking, performance evaluation links to a company's culture and values, and serve as a platform for conversation while also fostering a feeling of connectivity between an
What Does the Data Say About the Traditional Process?
With strong indicators suggesting the importance of performance evaluations, what has given rise to several arguments against it? According to existing data, it could be how evaluations are
How Do We Mitigate the Gap?
Based on the evidence furnished in the previous section, we can conclude that the annual or bi-annual occurrence of performance evaluations is too infrequent for it to be effective. A few of the gaps recognized during our discussion included:
The virtual business environment is here to stay. That means we are looking at continuous engagement via townhalls, peer to peer interactions, investment in training facilities—everything that was not a part of the 2020 plan.