Is your Digital Reputation a Smokin’ Gun?
The motive was simple – to create a virtual space for easier social networking for our lives’ professional and personal aspects. How did this social media boom impact search and hiring trends? What year was your digital identity born?
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Your Digital Identity
Have you ever noticed how, when you click on an ad just for curiosity, you are flooded with similar ads on your phone or computer for the next couple of weeks! Today’s digitally driven world monitors every aspect of our
Digital Reputation and Technology
The past few months have seen more scrutiny placed on a potential candidate’s digital reputation through social media, content, and background checks than what may have been the case in
Where do you draw the line?
Digital reputation is real and, once built, is hard to manipulate in short to medium term. We are still discovering our social media lifespan and its effects, but in the interim, it is vital to pay attention to what
Hiring Today
Six months into 2020 and COVID-19 has changed the rules of hiring altogether. We are headed to a future that can potentially replace your resume with your online reputation. Are you prepared? According to a majority of the
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